Retail Security

The protection of retail goods is an important task.

In addition to theft by “customers”, might your employees also come under consideration? At SG Security, we act in both directions.

Retail monitoring

Through inconspicuous security services, we successfully protect your goods against fraudulent access. In shops, we remain incognito so that customers are oblivious to the ongoing monitoring and protection of goods, and enjoy their shopping in a carefree manner.
All of our employees in this area have many years of experience, are of inconspicuous appearance and are dedicated to their work.

Monitoring employees

If you suspect that goods are being stolen by employees, we use personnel and technology to confirm, or ideally, to refute this suspicion.
Thus, we help management to protect the working atmosphere and to further safeguard business operations.

Mystery shopping

Through this service, we help you to test and evaluate the quality of your customer service, and work with you to improve it.
Our honesty purchases test the trustworthiness and friendliness of cashiers. In training purchases, we also test the cashiers’ attention to detail. The candid snapshots we provide help you to further secure your cash control.

Store monitoring and Mystery shopping by SG security


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Security and protection in retail

Use of department store detectives in all sectors of commerce.

Theft detection

Store detectives – with and without technical aids (cameras) – detect customer and/or employee thefts.

Inventory security

Also outside opening times, through controls on external service providers, such as cleaning staff and shelf stackers.



Store monitoring and mysteriy shopping by SG security

Mystery shopping

Mystery shoppers provide you with an independent view of your employees in terms of customer service and your individual corporate philosophy.

Security training

In on-site training sessions, your employees are made aware of the security and protection of goods.