Who we are

Life consists mainly in the fact that you have to cope with the unexpected.

John Steinbeck (1902-68)

SG security’s strategy is geared towards earnings-based and sustainable growth. At the heart of this is the focused expansion of national and international business with future-oriented products and services related to the topic of security.

  • Value Transport
  • Property Protection
  • Event Protection
  • Retail Protection
  • Special Transport

Applying expertise,
building solutions

As the founders and managing directors of SG Security, we are highly experienced security specialists and management experts in the field of security. We have successfully carried out countless security projects for banks, logistics companies and retail enterprises. Our strength is bringing together knowledge and experience.
Expertise and know-how are the basis for cost-effective and practical solutions, consistently built on solid legal criteria.

SG Security accompanies the entire security process in the private and commercial security sector:

Design of security processes
Employee management
Consideration of legal issues
Smooth processes in case of escalation.

These are the ways in which SG security can help its clients to design their processes and management systems to be more cost-effective, focus on their core business and operate successfully within the market.

Our partners

SG Security is a member of Aircargo Club Germany

SG Security supports the German Police Union (Deutsche Polizeigewerkschaft) in DBB, Landesverband Hessen


Our approach

Phase 1

In direct customer meetings, we take on all the relevant safety requirements for your project.

Phase 2

We create a coherent security concept, test it from all sides, and finally agree it with you.

Phase 3

Assurance and monitoring of your project by trained security personnel.

What sets us apart

We create security and trust.

We are an independent and privately-owned company. Our employees are professionally trained and are assisted by the latest surveillance technology.